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The WHS PTO appreciates the participation of our families in the many fundraising events and activities we organize each year.  Through your generous contributions, the PTO is able to achieve its mission to enhance the educational experience of the Weston high school student through investment in teacher and staff development, curriculum extensions, learning and study space upgrades as well as performing and visual art support and athletic program improvements.

Click here to see the 2012-2020 philanthropy summary report.


The PTO encourages students, teachers, parents, and staff to submit philanthropy requests.  We want to hear your ideas and thoughts on how we can best enrich and enhance Weston High School.  Requests are previewed by our Executive Board and presented for vote at the PTO General meetings.  Please attend our meetings, so that you can have a hand in determining how our PTO funds are allocated this year.   Please direct your comments, concerns, or ideas related to the PTO’s philanthropy activity to this year’s Philanthropy Chair.

Philanthropy Funding Request Application Process

The Weston High School PTO is a not-for-profit organization. The  PTO funds requests for projects, materials, and services that will enhance the educational experience of our students and the quality of life at the high school for both our students and our teachers and administrators.  To that end, we look for one or more of the following factors in each request:


Does the project:

  • Provide educational support for WHS?

  • Develop or expand a significant service or curriculum offered by WHS?

  • Improve the educational system or facilities of WHS or the district? 

  • Benefit a significant number of students, staff, or administrators?


  • A completed Philanthropy Funding Request Application must be submitted to . CLICK HERE to download the writable form.

  • If the request is technology related, it must first be approved by the district IT director.  Technology requests include equipment, software, electronic devices, etc.

  • The philanthropy chair reviews the application for completeness and obtains additional information, as needed.

  • The philanthropy chair presents the request to PTO Executive Board for a vote.  If the request is $250 or less, no other approval is required.  If a request greater than $250 is approved by the Executive Board, the Philanthropy Chair will present such a request at the next General Meeting and the membership will vote.  

The Philanthropy chair will contact the person/group requesting funds and communicate the outcome of the vote.


Request for payment should be sent to the Treasurer, .  Supporting documentation such as the invoice or purchase order should be scanned and attached to the request.  Requests for payment may also be submitted by placing a hard copy in the PTO Treasurer mailbox in the WHS front office.

Philanthropy requests will be accepted from August 30 until April 30 of each school year.