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Hurlbutt Elementary School PTO

2019-20 Executive Committee and Board Members*

* Use of the names, email addresses and phone numbers on this list 
for solicitation, commercial or political purposes is strictly prohibited!



General Board
Position Name
1st Grade Chair Dana Repka
2nd Grade Chair Ilene Richardson
Affiliate Program Chair Iryna Akolzina
Art & Design Sarika Ramachandran
Book Fair Chair Ellen Nakamura
Book Fair Chair Julie Kaufman
Book Fair Chair Jenn Krug
Community Service Chair Keri Keleher
Community Service Chair Kate Roe
Community Service Chair Susana Alves 
ELC Grade Chair Gabriela Laver
Family Fun Events Maria Nordstrom
Family Fun Events Anita Dinwoodie
Family Fun Events Maria Rowbotham
Fundraising Chair Katherine Studwell
Garden Chair Teresa Milner-Revell
Kindergarten-Grade Chair Jennifer Atsumi
Lost & Found Maritza Lian
LRC Co-Chair Mary Bailey
LRC Co-Chair Beth Lampel
Membership/Directory Ginny Dorsey
Membership/Directory Katie Fitzmaurice
Memorial Day Fair Co-Chair Nicole Cappella
Nursery School Rep Kim Gibson
School Photos Chris Van Oosterhout
School Supply Rose Lovett
Staff Appreciation Day Chair Rose Lovett
Staff Appreciation Day Chair Ellen Nakamura
Staff Luncheon Chair Jennifer Rubin
Staff Luncheon Chair Suzy Wolfson
Transportation Bernadette Kingsley
Wall Calendar Rashida Miller
Yearbook Chair Chris Van Oosterhout
Executive Board
President Nicole Copans
Past President Marlo Villepigue
Vice President Jamie Mais 
Secretary Ginny Dorsey
Treasurer Livia Ruggiero
Philanthropy Maria Rowbotham
BOE Rep Katie Fitzmaurice
Grade Coordinator Anita Dinwoodie
Communications Jenny Plant