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Dear WPS High Schoolers:

As many of you know, the Weston Memorial Day Fair, one of the town's favorite community traditions, is the single biggest fundraiser for the HES and WIS PTOs. The fair had to be cancelled last year, due to the pandemic, and we have sadly also been unable to host the fair this year.

But your parents and community are working every pandemic-approved angle we can this year – including you - to spread some joy and make some money – for you - this Memorial Day Weekend.

You are cordially invited to participate in a social media fundraising challenge for a chance to win up to $200 if we SELL OUT!!...Read below for more on how to score a C-Note - or two - in the lead up to Memorial Day Weekend.

THE ASK: Put on your marketing hat and Help us Help you by increasing awareness about the MDF weekend activities. Pick your favorite social media platform (or all of them) and drive Event Sales.

Think creatively! Try-on being a social influencer for a day or two….be as funny and creative as you want on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit….whip out a Grumpy Cat or Doge meme and repurpose it a la Dogecoin…you never know who you might reach!! Tap into ALL of your networks - friends, family, sports teams, choir groups….be old school and text, chat, email….your goal is to get the MOST SALES.

  • Date night -> How about a drive-in movie?
  • Looking for a fun brain teaser -> Team up with your besties for a virtual escape room!
  • Want to test your Weston knowledge with a little help from Uncle Jim or Grandma Sarah -> invite them to work with you on the scavenger hunt!

HOW IT WORKS: Pitch the MDF Fair Events wherever you do social and tell people to use YOUR PROMO CODE (YOUR First and Last Name) at checkout when they purchase MDF Events (here) to cast a “vote” for your marketing sales pitch! The student with the most “votes” (i.e., # of Event sales made under your unique PROMO code) wins a $100 gift card.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED??....not yet? Let’s sweeten the pot….

TO DOUBLE YOUR MONEY: If this challenge causes us to SELL OUT across ALL EVENTS, an anonymous donor has offered to match our $100 prize, giving you a chance to win up to $200 in gift cards!! So, encourage your friends to participate!! Because other people’s sales get you closer to that $200, as long as you finish on top!

SIGN-UPS: To sign-up to participate in the challenge, text “MDF Flash Challenge: [First Name] [Last Name]. XXth grader. Send any winnings to ” to the HES PTO Treasurer-in-Training, Jennifer Murphy, at 704-2956.

  • EXAMPLE TEXT: “MDF Flash Challenge: Jennifer Murphy. 12th grader. Send any winnings to
  • NOTE: Your PROMO CODE will be your first and last name, e.g., “JENNIFER MURPHY”.